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Volunteer Sign on and off.

To sign on or off, please enter your Surname and your Work Permit number.

Privacy Note



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Location Capture

As part of the sign on process, this system will request location data from your device. Location data is saved when you sign on as a record of where you are at the time of sign in. The system does not request or collect location data at any other time, and does not track your movements in any way.

For some roles on the railway, the system will also use this location data to verify that are physically on railway property. If the location data shows that you are not on or near the railway, then the sign-in request may be refused.

If you choose to block permission for location capture, then you will not be able to sign on using your device into roles which require location validation, and you will have to use a fixed signing-on point on the railway instead.

If you have trouble signing on using your smartphone while on-site, please check and enable GPS on your device and try again. On most browsers, you can change the permission at any time by clicking on the padlock icon on your browsers address bar.